Camping prices winter1.10 - 31.3
Child 2-13 year4,15
Child 0-1 year1,40
Dog 1-2 pcs free then 2 € per dog
Electric 1 day7,65
Electric per KwH1,40 + pr kwh
Toilet cassette emptying Free
Water (tap at building, not possible with hose)Free
Wastewater campervanNot possible
Pool / Shop / MinigolfClosed
Temporary energy surcharge per. day (May change, or deleted)1,40
Cabins/rooms prices winterFamilycottage with shower and toiletFamilycottage with toiletMotelcottage with shower and toiletTransitroom
2 Beds / 4 Beds
1.10 - 31.3Type B Type D Type E
1 day1041049741 / 55
2 days180180166Only one night
7 days541541500Only one night
Electric per kwh? not known - daily price? not known - daily price? not known - daily priceincl
Extra person per day1414ikke muligtikke muligt
Max persons in the Cabin5522 / 4
Temporary energy surcharge per. day (May change, or deleted)3,453,453,451,40

Further information and conditions

The campsite is open during the winter season but if you want to be sure we are ready to welcome you, please contact us before arrival. Cottages and rooms must be booked before arrival.

Shop / information / pool is not open during the winter season.

Service buildings are open at the entrance to the square (building 3) However, during the period 1.10-20.10 is open in the large building at the bottom of the square.

Cleaning after coating, at least once a week. There may be periods when there is no staff and supervision at the campsite.

The water in the square is closed. Water can be drained from the kitchen or outdoor frost-free tap in building 3

Household waste must be in sack / bag and in container at building 3 (at the driveway) All other waste places must not be used.

There may be periods when the light in the square is not lit. So a flashlight headlight will be a good idea.

Driving on the square is only allowed on the asphalt road. There may be periods when driving to the trolley / space is not allowed. Then park in the parking lot and enter.
There are parts of the space that are closed off and not allowed for winter camping.
Snow removal will only take place if necessary for us.
There is a limited number of places to stay overnight and we cannot guarantee that seats and roads will be kept free of snow. There may be periods when parts of the space are closed if the seats are wet and soft.

Only year-round or winter tents are allowed for mounting on the caravan.

* It is not allowed to have permanent residence at the campsite. By permanent residence, we mean, permanent residence for a period of time, housing seekers, students.

It is not allowed to have a population register address at the campsite.