Experiences in the area

The area around Tornby Strand Camping offers many opportunities for experiences. Just outside the square lies the lovely northern Jutland nature, with the North Sea and the beach at the end of the road. There are many opportunities for rides, attractions, quaint towns, and many events in this part of the top of Denmark. It is around 40-45 min. drive to Skagen, Fårup summerland or Aalborg. We have gathered some of the area’s possibilities here:

Mascot for the children friendly holiday

Experiences in the area

The area around Tornby Strand Camping offers many opportunities for experiences. Just outside the square lies the lovely northern Jutland nature, with the North Sea and the beach at the end of the road. There are many opportunities for rides, attractions, quaint towns, and many events in this part of the top of Denmark. It is around 40-45 min. drive to Skagen, Fårup summerland or Aalborg. We have gathered some of the area’s possibilities here:

Mascot for the children friendly holiday

Nordsøen Oceanarium

Tornby strand camping nordsøen oceanium største attraktion nordjylland

The North Sea Oceanarium is always a great experience. Just 6 km from the campsite is Northern Europe’s largest aquarium. Here you can experience impressive aquariums and learn about the North Sea. 5 large and more than 40 smaller aquariums, 70 fish species and lots of interactive experiences are what you can experience.
The North Sea Oceanarium is not only an aquarium but also an experience and knowledge center.
Buy discounted tickets in the information at the campsite. www.nordsoenoceanarium.dk

Fun Park Hirtshals

Fun park Hirtshals natur i nordjylland

Are you crazy about animals? ……… Walking distance approx. 1.5 km from the campsite is an Eldorado for animal lovers. Fun Park is a 33-acre country farm, located in a diverse North Jutland nature. forest and dune.

Here you can experience 425 animals distributed among 65 different animal species and birds under free conditions, as well as lots of play activities, free, mini golf, archery, air rifle shooting, yes the park is worth a visit. www.fun-park.dk

Tornby Beach

Danmarks bedste badestrand tornby strand camping hirtshals

Tornby Strand is at the end of the road. The beach is among the best beaches along the North Sea.

Here are lifeguards during the summer season. Throw in the waves and sunbathe on the beach or in the dunes. Driving on the beach is allowed. There are car-free areas. There is a beach party once a year.

On Tornby beach you can experience the old lifeboat from Tornby mountain lava in the water during the summer months. If you are lucky you can come out sailing.

Børglum monastery

Børglum kloster løkken

Visit the place where the Christmas calendar about Stygge Krumpen is recorded. Hear all the cruel stories about Stygge Krumpen who lived in the Middle Ages on Børglum. There are changing exhibitions and it is always exciting to visit the monastery with the church and cellar.

In December there is a Christmas market at Børglum monastery


Rollespil i Tornby

Rollespil i Tornby Klitplantage Yxenskoven vikingemarked

The secret of Yxenskoven is a so-called “low magic” fantasy live role-playing game. The game takes place in the small village of Yxengaard located in the Yxenskoven. The town is populated by North Africans and Sidians. The Norwegians are comparable to the Vikings and the Sidians lean heavily on the Christian Crusaders. Ie that the game takes place in a time similar to the wrestling time between asetro …
more: yxenskoven.dk

Hirtshals Lighthouse

Hirtshals Fyr og bunker museum 10. batteri ferie i Nordjylland

There are changing exhibits in the lighthouse. You can get up into the lighthouse and experience the unique view from the top. Standing at the top of the lighthouse, you are 62 meters above sea level, from which you have a magnificent view of the sea, the coast and the land.
The lighthouse is still in operation, and seen with today’s eyes an impressive building.
It is possible to use the “packed lunch” room on the lighthouse to get a temporary roof over the head in case the weather teases. It is open during the light hours.
Opening hours are looked at www.hirtshals-fyr.dk

Bunkermuseum 10. batteri

10. batteri tyske bunkers i danmark vestkysten atlantvolden

DK’s only excavated complete German WWII defense facility, open to the public.
The area that has been released since 1994 has, among other things, 3.5 km trench connecting 70 sites such as. crew bunkers, cannon positions, ammunition bunkers and exhibit in an officer bunker.


Tornby Gl. Købmandsgård

Tornby gamle købmandsgård Hirtshals vendsyssel historie

Tornby old Købmansgaard is a self-governing institution as a collaboration between 10 Tornby associations and approx. 70 volunteer assistants. The farm – a 200-year-old trade farm near Tornby Strand is being renovated and furnished as a place of visit for the residents and holidaymakers of the area.


Tornby Klitplantage

Naturen i nordjylland ferie i vendsyssel

Tornby Plantation (548 ha) is a high-lying, wind-exposed west coast plantation 4 km south of Hirtshals. The border with the sea follows a 15-25 m high, former sea slope, which has been pierced by numerous deep cut streams. Below the slope you will find the raised stone-age seabed, which in a 300 m wide belt is covered with lush green dune with a front of white sea dunes.

Rubjerg knude lighttower

Rubjerg knude fyr flyttet Lønstrup løkken murermester Kjeld

It is worth a visit every time you visit Northern Jutland to see Rubjerg knot guy. The lighthouse stands on the slope to the North Sea and the dune rising up behind the lighthouse. Nature changes on the coast every year. Camping holidays on the west coast are rich in nature experiences.

To preserve the lighthouse, in the fall of 2019, it was moved 70 feet further inland. www.rubjergfyr.dk

The manor Odden

Herregården odden og jf villumsen samlingen kunst i nordjylland

The manor is known from archives as early as 1370, and the plant probably got its present design with two large houses of stone in the mid-1400s. They were protected by trenches on three sides and a lake to the north, of which the name Odden.
At Odden there is also the large collection of paintings by the painter J.F. villumsen


Eagle world

Eagel world ørnereservatet i tuen skagen

Experince the Kingdom of Kingdom. You can shudder at the bony and proud majesties of the Eagle Reserve®, where their fascinating hunting techniques are presented to the public…
There are daily shows on the reserve. There is an exhibition and you can experience and see how the eagles they can be trained for hunting.


Fårup Sommerland

Fårup sommerland helt ude i skoven

Fårup summerland is only 45 km away. Denmark’s big amusement park is located right in the woods. Once the entrance fee is paid, most rides are free.



Hirtshals museum

Vendsyssel historiske museum Hirtshals museum

Vendsyssel Historical Museum’s section in Hirtshals is housed in a fisherman’s house built of boulders in 1880. The farmhouse, reconstructed as an interior in 1915, shows how a fishing family lived at that time.

There are many city walks organized by the museum. See more on the museum’s or visit the hirtshals website.


Churches and Monasteries

Kirker og klostre i Nordjylland

If you are into history and old buildings, discover the many old Churches and Monasteries in North Jutland.

You can also get the brochure Danish road churches at the reception



Hirtshals handel hav

The ferry town of Hirtshals offers many cultural and tourist events. There is a fishing festival, music under the stairs and many art exhibitions.

There are good shopping opportunities and many stores are open every day throughout the year.

Ulriks ure

Også et musemu af den specielle slags

Yes why not try to see a museum of a special kind. Time has gone by the times and development for today’s smartwatch was only a fantasy in the old days. Come and see approx. 1800 clocks in the Old Mission House in Hirtshals. The oldest watch is from 1777.

Here’s not the time!

J.F. Vilumsen samlingen

J f villumsen samlingen

At the Odden Manor they house a large exhibition of sketches, drawings, paintings and ceramic items by the artist J. F. Willumsen, who was a student at the Academy of Arts and frequented the Free Painting School, where he taught, among other things. Skagen painter P. S. Krøyer, Zahrtmann and Tuxen….

Uggerby river og Canueing

Kanofart hvor er der udlejning af kanoer i nordjyllandThere is canoeing from Uggerby and Sindal if you want to experience the river from the water side. In Uggerby you can also fish. Local fishing permits for this can be purchased from the tourist office in Hirtshals.


Tornby "Mountain"

Tornby bjerg Vendsyssel ferie i NordjyllandTornby mountain 🙂 is one of Denmark’s largest hills. The “mountain” starts immediately east of the railway at Old Road and rises to the east. Close to the top there are 480 meters with 30 meters and an average rise of 6.3% (Bottom: 32 m.h. Top: 88 m.h.)
Location: Bjergvej, 9850 Hirtshals

The holy spring in Asdal

Hellige steder i Hirtshals Nordjylland

In Lilleheden Dune plantation not far from Hirtshals, one of the country’s many sacred springs is found.

It is found in scenic surroundings, immediately south of the paved forest road, where Kjul crosses the road. It is approximately 4 meters above the level of the river




Hellehøj (89 meters above sea level) is a burial mound from the Bronze Age. It is approx. 3,500 years old and set on a moraine hill from the ice age. The mound is located on Rugtvedvej, Hirtshals. Challenge on bicycle as the road rises 40 meters above a distance of only 1000 m.

The stonecoffin of Horne

Hellekisten på Horne kirkegård

The “holycoffin” at Horne Cemetery was unknown until 1939. In 1939, a stone-built grave was found at Horne Cemetery, a so-called cave coffin.
Belongs to the single digging period from the peasant age 2800-2400 BC.

Tornby stone nozzle

Stendysse ved Tornby Nordjylland en del af vendsyssel

The quarry is from the younger Stone Age. It is approx. 4,000 years old. The mound above the nozzle is buried, and four remaining bricks with a large cover stone are left. The nozzle is located at Tornby Gl. Købmandsgård. You can park by the Købmandsgård.

The Kingstone

Kongestenen ved Tornby bjerg

It was found by field work in 1992 on a field sloping down from the hill. It measures 2.6 x 1.65 x 1.4 m and probably weighs approx. 20 tons. According to old information, a stone had previously stood on Tornby Mountain with the same goals. This was called the King Stone. This is big stone arround here 🙂

Asdal ramparts

Asdal voldanlæg Nordjyllands historie

Asdal Voldanlæg (1300s) unites the place with its own mysticism. The Asdal Violence plant is the result of the excavation of a nose, Asbjerg, which extended into the valley. At the bottom of the river runs Kjul Å. There are 3 dams that can still be seen. Asdal Voldanlæg unites the place with its own mysticism. With its vaults and graves

Cycel routes

Cykelruter i Nordjylland visit danmarkThe west coast route goes past Tornby Camping. the route extends from Tønder to Skagen. There is a nice day trip to Blokhus approx. 50 km. The distance from Tornby to Skagen is 55 km.
The cycle route goes through an exceptionally lovely west coast nature in Tornby Dune Plantation in a landscape characterized by large hiking dunes interrupted by intermediate plains and with a distinctive and lush plant world.

More: www.visitdenmark.com

Stygge Krumpen

Stygge krumpen en skrækhistorie fra Vendsyssel

Børglum Monastery and Stygge Krumpen belong together in the Northern Jutland Hirsorie. Only 20 minutes from the campsite is the Klosteret where the Christmas calendar about Stygge Krumpen is recorded. Take in the many exhibitions at the monastery and the special exhibition on the Christmas calendar.


Fårup Sommerland

Fårup sommerland helt ude i skoven

Denmark’s best summer park. Just out in the woods is only about 40-45 minutes drive from the campsite. Here is great water park and many pleasures for the whole family. You can buy tickets at the reception at the campsite … then you can skip the queue at the driveway.



Skagen grenen og skagenmalerne toppen af danmark

Only 40 min. drive to Skagen. Visit Denmark’s northernmost point with everything that goes with it. Ankers Museum and the other Skagen painters, Grenen, Sandormen, Skagen harbor, Skagenfestival.

Skagen is Denmark’s northernmost point here you can stand with one leg in each sea.

Mårup Church

Mårup kirke en del af vendsyssels historie

Mårup church is on the slope to the forces of the North Sea. The church has been removed and today only a pedestal and some of the cemetery remains. Visit the place and see how the sea takes piece by piece of land.

The sanded Church

Skagen den tilsandede kirke

Just before you reach Skagen it lies the above sanded church. There is only the tower left of the church experience how the sand escape has been violent and covered much of the land. A great place to go on an excursion.


Hjørring handel

Vendsyssel’s big trading town. Lots of shopping opportunities, shopping mall metropolis, cozy pedestrian zone, many eateries, history museum, art museum and other cultural experiences and events.

Golf course

golfcourts in north denmark

There is never a new golf course in North Jutland. Golf courses in the unique nature of Northern Jutland. See golf courses in North Jutland:



IndkøbIn Hirtshals there are most specialty shops and supermarkets, Netto, Facts, Superbrugsen, Aldi, Rema 1000, Spar. There is a cozy pedestrian street and many eateries. If you want to go to a larger city, only 12 km to Hjørring and 40 minutes to Aalborg.

At the campsite we have a small shop with breakfast bread and what you just need.


Take on treasure hunting in the Northern Jutland nature and cities. When you go geocatching, you always experience new places and exciting new places and knowledge. www.geocaching.dk