Fastliggerplads 1.4 - 1.10 (22.10)Sæsonplads 2023Pris DKK.
Inklusiv i sæsonpladsen 1.4-1.10Sæsonplads, 2 personer, målerleje, gæstekort, Wi-Fi, brusebad, adgang til pool# 9.700
Tillæg for 1.10-22.10Tillæg for 3 ekstra uger, til og med uge 42500
Børn eller børnebørn 0-17 år600
Ekstra voksen 18 år +18 - år1000
Strømtilslutning inklusiv 200 KwH800
Tillæg for stor plads Plads nummer 225-226-227-228-296-297-298-299-532-533-534-535-1000
Tillæg for plads med vand og afløbPlads nummer 503-504-505-506ikke muligt
Ekstra bil Hvis du ønsker 2 biler inde på pladsen. Bilerne skal kunne holde på din plads400
Hund 150

Fastliggerplads 1.4 - 18.6 (2.7)
Forårsplads 2023Pris DKK.
Inklusiv i sæsonpladsen 1.4 - 19.6Sæsonplads, 2 personer, målerleje, Wi-Fi, gæstekort, brusebad, adgang til pool# 3200
Tillæg for 18.6 - 2.7Tillæg for 2 ekstra sommeruger1.000
Børn eller børnebørn 0-17 år350
Ekstra voksen 18 år +18 - år600
Strømtilslutning inklusiv 100 KwH400
Tillæg for stor plads Plads nummer 225-226-227-228-296-297-298-299-532-533-534-535-500
Tillæg for plads med vand og afløbPlads nummer 503-504-505-5061000
Ekstra bil Hvis du ønsker 2 biler inde på pladsen. Bilerne skal kunne holde på din plads400
Hund 75

Fastliggerplads 2.7 - 7.8
Sommerplads 2022Pris DKK.
Inklusiv i sæsonpladsen 2.7 - 7.8Sæsonplads, 2 personer, målerleje, Wi-Fi gæstekort, brusebad, adgang til pool# 6.950
Tillæg for 25.6-2.7Tillæg for 1 ekstra uge.1.000
Børn eller børnebørn 0-17 år500
Ekstra voksen 18 år +18 - år800
Strømtilslutning inklusiv 100 KwH400
Tillæg for stor plads Plads nummer 225-226-227-228-296-297-298-299-532-533-534-535-500
Tillæg for plads med vand og afløbPlads nummer 503-504-505-506-ikke muligt
Ekstra bil Hvis du ønsker 2 biler inde på pladsen. Bilerne skal kunne holde på din plads400
Hund 100

Fastliggerplads 7.8 - 23.10
Efterårsplads 2022Pris DKK.
Inklusiv i sæsonpladsen 14.8 - 1.10Sæsonplads, 2 personer, målerleje, Wi-Fi, gæstekort, brusebad, adgang til pool# 2.600
Tillæg for 7.8 - 14.8Tillæg for 1 ekstra sommeruge500
Tillæg for 1.10-23.10Tillæg for 3 ekstra uger til og med uge 42500
Børn eller børnebørn 0-17 år300
Ekstra voksen 18 år +18 - år500
Strømtilslutning inklusiv 100 KwH400
Tillæg for stor plads Plads nummer 225-226-227-228-296-297-298-299-532-533-534-535-500
Tillæg for plads med vand og afløbPlads nummer 503-504-505-506-1000
Ekstra bil Hvis du ønsker 2 biler inde på pladsen. Bilerne skal kunne holde på din plads400
Hund 75

Fastliggerplads 23.10 - 1.4 (1.10-23.10)
Vinterplads 2022/2023Pris DKK.
Inklusiv i sæsonpladsen 23.10 - 1.4Sæsonplads, 2 personer, målerleje, gæstekort, Wi-Fi, brusebad3300
Tillæg for 1.10 - 23.10Tillæg for 3 ekstra uger500
Børn eller børnebørn 0-17 år300
Ekstra voksen 18 år +18 - år500
Strømtilslutning inklusiv 150 KwH600
Tillæg for stor plads Plads nummer 225-226-227-228-291-292-293-294-295-296-297-298-299-532-533-534-535-250
Tillæg for plads med vand og afløbPlads nummer 503-504-505-506-ikke muligt
Ekstra bil Hvis du ønsker 2 biler inde på pladsen. Bilerne skal kunne holde på din pladsikke muligt
Hund 75

Månedsplads kun hverdag (søndag aften -fredag morgen)

Håndværkerplads 2021/2022Pris DKK.
Inklusiv i pladsen 1.1-30.6 / 1.8-31.12plads, 1 person, strøm på måler brusebad, Wi-Fi, kun ophold i hverdage1600
Tillæg for maj-juni-augusttillæg pr md i sommermåned (Ikke muligt i juli måned)200
Ekstra person18 - år1000
Strøm efter forbrugStrømforbrug betales pr. KwH 4,00
Tillæg for stor plads Plads nummer 225-226-227-228-296-297-298-299-532-533-534-535-ikke muligt
Tillæg for plads med vand og afløbPlads nummer 503-504-505-506-ikke muligt
Ekstra bil Hvis du ønsker 2 biler inde på pladsen. Bilerne skal kunne holde på din pladsikke muligt

Further information and conditions


The tenant / seasonal location includes the tenant, his spouse / cohabitant and enrolled home-based children or grandchildren. You have as a tenant – free shower – free daily guests / guest card – 20% discount on overnight guests in your carriage. – free indoor pool (when the outdoor is not open) Free outdoor pool –

You are welcome to use the space all weekdays, weekends, holidays and holidays during the period (Winter season applies special conditions)

The TV living room or Trampes cave can be reserved for free if you want to hold a birthday or in are many gathered. So have in a place to eat and have fun together. You just have to make sure that things are cleaned up and cleaned after the party.

Free picks up space? If you have a newer caravan, you can also rent your caravan during holidays and the summer season. Come in and hear how much we can rent your car for.

Fixes the seats must be used every day during the period. The space must be set at least 50% of the period.

Winter space may only be used on weekends and a total of 2 consecutive weeks in the period 20.10-31.3


When ordering a seasonal pitch, Tornby Strand Camping submits a contract for the season, and upon tenant’s acceptance thereof, both parties enter into this agreement. The agreement is confirmed by the tenant by sending mail to, with name and date of birth, of all persons registered at the site.

For the landlord, the agreement is confirmed by sending this email. – Thus, the tenant also declares to have read and accepted the terms as seen below.


In order for your booking of the seasonal space to be binding, a deposit must be paid when booking the space. If you have a room and want the same room the following season, a deposit must be paid at the latest at departure or end of the season. Deposit is DKK 1000, the amount is deducted at the start of the season. At least half of the full amount must be paid at the start of the season and the rest of the amount must be paid in at the latest.d.1. June. Spring / autumn / winter seasonal pitches must be paid at the latest at the start of the season. A fee will be charged in case of late payment. In case of non-payment or late payment, we reserve the right to rent the space to another side.


According to the camping regulations, all the caravans standing at the campsites must be identifiable. The caravans must either be registered in accordance with Danish or foreign traffic law (ie a caravan must be legally coupled on a vehicle and legally driven from one campsite to another campsite in the home country) or they must be registered with Camping ID no. and year mark (the green plate). The ID plate must be placed either at the back of the caravan where the license plate is normally placed or in the window facing the road. The ID plates and year marks can be purchased in the information.


According to the 3-meter rule of the fire statute, the caravan must be tent etc.. set up so that it does not detract from the neighbor’s set-up options. Therefore, 1.5m meters must be observed for all distinctions. If the caravan tent or other is located closer than 1.5 m to the divide, it must be moved. If something is too close or we are asked by the authorities to correct the fire distance, a tent, a carriage, etc. be moved also without in informed.

It is allowed to set up one caravan, one awning and possibly one. one utility tent per space. Anything not placed within the above must be removed each time the space is vacated. Flag poles, antennas and the like are not allowed anywhere else on the caravan.

If reading sails are used permanently, the goals must also be met. Remember the distance also applies to storage tents. Fixed floors must be covered by the tent. Do not make terraces fences or similar. The camper must always comply with the Camping Council’s rules. The tenant is responsible for cleaning / caring for the area around your car. Keep the space neat and tidy. If the space under the trolley is used for storage, skirts must be fitted as this must not be visible. Mow grass and edges at reasonable intervals approx. every 2 weeks. (lawn mower is loaned by contacting the information) In case of breach of this point, the campsite itself will take on the task and charge a fee of 75 kr. walk.

It is not allowed to use roundup or other for weed poison. Grass waste must be thrown in a container at the waste sites, which are labeled grass and branches. All pruning, mowing and digging at the campsite may only be done by appointment with the camp manager. A fee of at least DKK 1000 is charged for re-establishment if the unit is dug or cropped without the camp manager’s consent.

Caravan and awning should be kept neat, clean and free of algae. The space around the trolley must also be kept neat and tidy.

Disagreements with the camp manager, or violation of one or more rules will be considered as breach of the contract, and the tenant can then immediately be expelled from the place. The rent will not be refunded if the contract is breached. A fee may be added for the restoration of space, etc. in case of breach of contract.


Only one car per car. unit. If there is no space for the car, parking must be done at the guest parking at the driveway to the campsite.
It is not allowed to park the car on an unused space unit, as it is a major nuisance to the tourists we send to what we believe is a vacant space.
REMEMBER: Exercise is healthy. Save car driving to the toilet buildings and shop (it’s good for the environment) instead, take the bike or use the legs (it’s good for your health)
Therefore, driving on the square must be reduced to the most necessary and always take place at an accelerated pace. MAX 10 KM / T.
Driving should only take place between 6.30 – 23.00 for the sake of your fellow campers. The boom is closed between 23.00 and 6.30 In case of serious emergency illness, or if an ambulance is needed on the site, we are contacted by phone 98 97 78 77, or alarm button at the reception.
If we are contacted to open the boom between 23.00 and 6.30 because you forgot to move the car or other non-critical situation, it costs 300 DKK. However, not by alarm or similar.


The site may be used on weekdays, weekends as well as holidays and holidays, however, you must not have a permanent residence at the campsite, you must have another registered residence (population register address). There are special rules for using the caravan for winter camping, which can be read on the website.


It is free to receive day guests at the campsite, which is fixed. As a guest you have access to the whole square, except the shower and the areas by the two swimming pools. Pool access can be purchased for the price. 25 kr. guest. Ask if your guest is allowed to participate in activities and events.
We have chosen not to have time or price for guest visits, but we consider that an acceptable time, as a guest on the site, will be 4-5 hours at a time. Guest cars are parked in the parking lot just before the boom. If, for some reason, the guest has to go down to the car seat, the car’s driver is driven out instead. Since there can only be one car at a time on each unit (also during the outer periods).
Guests must leave by noon 22.30, then the guest will be considered a camper, and you will have to pay a regular overnight fee for the guest as well as present a valid camping pass. It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that their guests comply with the campsite’s rules. If you have overnight guests who are not enrolled or paid for, this will be considered a theft, as well as breach of contract and thus expulsion of the entire unit from the space.


Dogs are welcome, but must be in a short line and vented outside the space or in the dog forest. If the accident happens, the dog’s remains must be removed immediately. Also remember to pick up the dog forest. For the same reason, we recommend that dogs be ventilated by adults and not by smaller children. Do not leave your dog alone in the awning / caravan / dog forest – and remember that a barking and / or loose dog is a major nuisance to the surrounding guests.
Remember that it is your duty to pick up after your dog.
Electricity meter:
It is the renter’s responsibility to check the meter regularly. If the meter is faulty, the campsite will estimate consumption. In the event of an error, contact the tenant immediately so that we can correct the error. We recommend disconnecting the power cable every time you leave the room for more than 24 hours, for the sake of fire danger and / or short circuit. It is the tenant’s responsibility to check for electricity. We assume no responsibility for loss of e.g. refrigerants in connection with power failure.


In the off-season there may be limited opening hours in the information, so please respect this and adapt your errands to the opening hours. Of course, in case of urgent need, we are always available and helpful if possible. Use the alarm button on the information door or call +45 98977877. The grocery store and swimming pool will also have limited opening hours. Opening hours can be seen at the doors or ask in the information. There may also be reduction of facilities. Ex. bouncy pillows may be knocked down, closure of some toilet room, pool, etc.


In high season there will be cleaning at certain times. During the rest of the season there will be no cleaning times, so please refer to the next service building. Respect this and use the next building when cleaning is in progress.


In the event of tree felling, improvement of the site, new establishment or other, the campsite has the right to change the individual’s place, however, always contact first so that you have the opportunity. to find another place.


The set up containers may ONLY be used for general use. swill. Bottles, beer cans and glasses must be in the bottle container. Newspapers and paper are placed in the newspaper container. All other waste and rubbish (Grill, garden furniture, carpets, floors, tents, etc.) must be removed by your own measures. Reference is made to the free delivery of waste and waste
AVV Recycling Center Hirtshals, Grævlingevej 13, 9850 Hirtshals


All stays in these areas are at your own risk. If rules are not complied with, you will be expelled from the areas. There is all video surveillance. Children under 14 must be in accordance with adults (person over 16) in the pool area.
Opening hours for outside / indoor pool can be seen at the door or ask in the information. All registered campers have free access to the outdoor pool. All guests who do not live on the site must pay 25 kr per time (max 2 hours). Enrolled campers have free access to the indoor pool when the outdoor pool is closed. When opening an outdoor pool, a toddler costs DKK 10. Fixers must not give free or DKK 10 to their guests. Tokens are purchased in the information.


Everyone should shower before using the pool. Food and drinks are not allowed in the pool area. Pool area is non-smoking area, see signage for where to smoke and enjoy food and drink. Dogs are not allowed. Always pay attention to balls and bathing animals. Water balloons must not be used in the pool area as they will damage the pool’s cleaning system.


Entrance must be through the front door and carousel. Everyone should bathe and wash before using the pool. Do not bring food and drink to the swimming pool. Dogs are not allowed. Only small bathing is allowed, always take your bathers with you.
Remember children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult over 16.


The playroom is for free use of enrolled campers and their guests. Remember to clean up after yourself. Inform your children / grandchildren about the rules before using the pools and playroom so it will be a nice place to be for everyone. The building can sometimes be used for dining and common rooms at group events.


The campsite has its own playground and ball court. Help your children / grandchildren find the places to play and play ball. Ball games must not take place between tents and caravans. The jump pillow must not be used with footwear, in rainy weather and if it is not completely inflated.


At the campsite there are a few horses. The horses are not allowed to feed unless you have been given permission as they can get sick and in the worst case die if they get too much feed. We make sure to feed and care for them, every day. If you find that there is something wrong with the horses, we would like to know right away.
It is not allowed to enter the enclosure for the horses. Remember there is power in the fence.


Winter storage is available for a fee. Winter storage must be announced and paid for in the information before the season ends. When leaving the space before winter, all loose parts must be removed. Garden furniture etc. must be assembled on the floor in front of the caravan and covered with any. a tarpaulin if you do not have a storage tent.
If you have not ordered winter storage, the space must be cleared at the end of the lease. The place must appear, as at reception, ie. grass must be mowed and everything must be removed. If there is still something in the square, a winter storage fee will be charged. The landlord is not liable for any. leftover items – nor caravans / tents. Remaining effects are removed at the expense of the tenant.
You are always welcome to come to the square in the winter months to see the car, but you should keep the car / moped outside the space even if the boom is open. Always pay attention as we work in the square. Winter storage is done from the winter season starting until the winter season ends. The caravan can usually stand in the same space as you have ordered, there are certain areas of the space that are approved for winter storage. We will contact you to move the trolley to storage area if required.
Remember all buildings at the campsite are non-smoking.
We may have to expel campers whose rules are not complied with.
We wish you a good stay

Tove and Morten