Campervan Prices 2023

Once you have registered at the campsite, there is a free shower, WiFi and use of service buildings. The indoor pool is free in spring / autumn but costs DKK 15 when the outdoor pool is open. 2 dogs can be brought for free. See additional terms at the bottom of the page.

Price example standard pitch ex. electricity (Euro)Winter seasonLow seasonMiddle seasonHigh season
Camperparking 6.5x10 m. Incl. 2 Adults (max 8.5 meters campervan)25273033
Standard pitch 10x10 m. For campervan, incl. 2 adults25303438
Electric 1 day inkl 8 kwh (more days 1,40 + per kwh)8,33 / 0,838,33 / 0,756,95 / 0,756,95 / 0,70
Campervan prices € per Night 2023WinterseasonLowseasonMittelseasonHighseason
01.10-26.0327.03 - 23.05
24.05 - 27.06
13.08 - 31.08
28.06 - 12.08
Pitch + 2 adults (6.5x10 m / max 7,5 m motorhome)25273033
Standard pitch (10x10 meters)+ 2 adult 25303438
Extra adult10,4011,8013,2013,20
Extra Kid 2-13 year4,856,957,659,00
Extra baby 0-1 år1,404,154,154,15
Electric 1 day incl. 8 kwh8,338,336,956,95
More days 1,40 per day + per kwh0,830,750,750,70
Empty chemical toiletFreeFreeFreeFree
Wastewater emptying FreeFreeFree
Dog (* 1-2 pcs free then 2€ per dog)FreeFreeFreeFree
Pr. extra hour before 14:002222
Pr. extra hour departure after 12:002222
Late arrival outside boom after 21:00 depature before 10:00 (Reservation not possible) Winter seasonLowseason Mittelseason Highseason
Pitch + 2 adults
Departure before 10am
Extra kid/adult4,85 / 10,406,95 / 11,807,65 / 13,209,00 / 13,20
Power 10 amp inkl 8 kwh8,338,338,336,95
Pr extra hour. on arrival before 21:00 and departure after 10:002222
Shower / toilet Free Free Free Free
Water / Emptying of sewagenot possiblenot possiblenot possiblenot possible
Emptying toilet cassetteFreeFreeFreeFree
Prices €Winter
Outdoor pool for campsideguest--FreeFree
Inndoor pool for campsite guest-FreeFree/*2Free/*2
*15 dkr when th outdoor pool is open
Pool if you have guest who not on the campsite lives.-777
Extra car on the dame pitch-2,752,752,75
Extra tent on the same pitchFreeFreeFreeFree
Guest day time 4 hours max2222
Minigolf 18 lanes Adult / Kid -13 year-6,25 / 3,506,25 / 3,506,25 / 3,50
Internet WiFiFreeFreeFreeFree
Dryer0,14 / min0,14 / min0,14 / min0,14 / min
Water/toilet disposalFreeFreeFreeFree
Hot waterFreeFreeFreeFree

More information about camper parking

Offer and price example are incl. persons, pitches, free bath and use of facilities, but ex. power. The offers are for accommodation in your own motorhome and cannot be combined with other offers and discounts. Unless otherwise stated, prices are per night. All the facilities of the campsite can be used, under the same conditions as campers

Arrival time after 14.00 (Winter: by appointment)
Departure time before 7 p.m. 12.00

Late Departure / Early Arrival: If possible (Space is not occupied) you can arrive before 11:00. 14:00 and stay after 12:00 There is a supplement of only 15 kr. commenced hour.

Driving: max 10 km / h on the square

Visitors: (visit up to 4 hours) Guests who do not live on the site have to pay 15, – to visit the place and 25, – to use swimming pools. Guests must leave before 11:00. 22.30. Overnight guests must pay the overnight fee. (see prices and other conditions for tenant)

* When the outdoor pool is open (approx. 1.6-20.8) the indoor pool costs DKK 15 per person.

Parking must always be within their own camping unit (only one camper per site).
Fire requirements: 1.5 meters for sidewalk / hedge, so that there are 3 meters for the next motorhome / caravan / tent.

* Late arrival at seats in front of boom, cannot be booked in advance. Valid on arrival, in motorhomes, after 4 p.m. 20:00 and depart the following day before 10:00. There is an extra charge to empty and refill water / waste water using late arrival.

We do not require camping passports, but if you do not have a camping passport or want to buy it, you must show other valid identification on arrival.


At Tornby Strand Camping you have free Wi-FI. However, as a guest you have to reckon with the fact that the wireless network does not always work 100% optimally. There are many things that affect the quality.

At a campsite, WiFi is not like at home. The signal is sent out to many devices at the same time and over a large area. When the wireless signal has to pass through caravans, buildings, shrubs and trees and more, the connection is weakened. When there is rain, the fog must signal through water and this also makes the signal worse.

As a guest, you will often find that the signal works outside the caravan but not inside. This is due to the fact that the signals are significantly weakened when it has to go through the caravan – the same applies to cars that also “shadow” the signal. As a rule, there is a much better signal outside the caravan.

If your phone and computer are not always fully up to date, this may cause problems with the reception of the WiFi signal. In addition, there is a difference from device to device. Some computers have firewalls that go in and block a public Wi-Fi signal.

There are rules for how strong a signal we may send out. We can not just turn up the power of our Wi-fi, as you as a company are not allowed to send signals beyond your own area.

As there are many factors that come into play, you will find that the signal will vary throughout the day