Dogs are welcome

Dogs are welcome

Dogs on camping.

The dog is man’s best friend and it must also go on holiday. At our campsite, it is free to bring a dog to the campsite. However, we have made a free limit for 2 dogs. If you have more than 2 dogs, you have to pay a little extra. Remember the dog must be on a leash. It is not allowed to have the dog walking loose without a leash on the campsite.

Dog in our cabins.

It is possible to have a dog with you when you rent one of our cabins, rooms or rental tents. However, it costs a fee per. day to bring a dog in our rental units. (see price list) There is a max. of 2 dogs when renting a cabin, room or tent. It is not in all our cabins that you are allowed to bring a dog / pet, so be aware of this when you book.

“Dog forest”

At the campsite there is its own dog forest. It is an enclosure where dogs can run free.

What is there for us with dog in the area?

When you have a dog on holiday, you are on holiday on the terms determined by the dog. You must adapt the holiday to the dog also has some needs and it is not all places / experiences that are allowed to bring the dog. In many places, however, it is adapted to be able to bring your dog. When you take the dog on holiday, you have every opportunity to experience nature with the dog and the rest of the family.

The whole of nature is open

For you with a dog, the whole nature is open and most outdoor attractions in North Jutland, dogs are allowed.

Tornby Klitplantage

You can go for a walk and air the dog in Tornby dune plantation. The plantation is located between the campsite and the beach. In the plantation there are marked hiking trails around the forest and to the beach.

The beach

Tornby beach is one of Denmark’s most beautiful beaches. Wide beach with nice white sand, beautiful dunes. The water is the beautiful North Sea, where the dog is welcome in the water. The beach has the white bathing water flag, which means that dogs are also welcome on the beach and in the water. You can also drive on the beach.

Hundeskoven in Tornby dune plantation

In Tornby Klitplantage there is a 5 hectare fenced dog forest. There is parking nearby. distance from the campsite approx. 5 km. by car and 3.5 km by bike or walk through Tornby dune plantation.

Fun Park Hirtshals.

The local zoo 1 km. from the campsite. Here you are welcome to bring a dog (on a leash)

North Sea Oceanarium

You are not allowed to bring a dog here, but there is a parking area in the shade where you can have the dog in the car during your visit. It is possible to go out to look after and air your dog during the visit, there is a tap with fresh water. It is not recommended to leave the dog in the car on hot sunny days.

Dog meeting – rallies

We have plenty of space for dog shows – meetings. Contact us for the opportunity to hold a dog event for your club on the site. We are centrally located in Scandinavia, close to ferry connections from Norway and Sweden.

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