Changes due to the Corona situation

We are open at the campsite, but with corona / covid 19 restrictions:

  • Service building is open with shower, toilets, kitchen, laundry. There are restrictions on the number of people in buildings (4m2 per person) see notice at each entrance.
  • Open for overnight stays in caravans, motorhomes, tents
  • Cabins / rooms open for rent, Remember to pre-book
  • If you come from abroad and need transit through Denmark, it is not allowed to stay overnight in Denmark
  • Mouthpieces must be worn in all buildings. (Reception, toilet buildings, kitchen, living room, etc.)
  • 2 meters distance inside and out
  • Max 2 guests at the reception at a time.
  • Assembly ban also applies at the campsite = Indoors max 10 people gathered at a time, also in your tent / caravan. Outdoors max 10 people

We encourage you to use only common facilities as little as possible. Use your facilities in your own caravan, motorhome.Send mail »

Changes due to the Corona situation

Opening hours:

  • Reception/Shop/Minigolf:
    • Sunday-Tuesday 8:00-11: 00/16: 00-20: 00
    • Friday-Saturday 8:00-12: 00/14: 00-20: 00
  • Pool: Closed in to ?? until it is allowed to open
  • Contact by phone 8:00-20: 00
  • No visits from outside guests.
  • Only access if you are registered at the campsite.
  • All visitors must register in the information
  • Opening hours may vary depending on developments in the covid-19 situation and occupancy of the site.


It is allowed to enter Denamrk for holiday from 15.5 if you are vaccinated. check on

Opening hours may change during the corona period and depending on occupancy on the site.Send mail »