Cabins prices

Prices are inclusive, electricity * and up to 4 people (motel cabin but only 2 people) Free WiFi and use of facilities. There is a kitchen with hot and cold water, in all our cabins, most also have their own toilet and shower. The indoor pool is free in spring / autumn but costs DKK 15 when the outdoor pool is open. In many of the cabins you can bring a dog (max 2 pcs) for a fee. (* winter however + power consumption) See additional conditions at the bottom of the page.

Priser og tilbud på campinghytter Hirtshals Tversted Løkken Hjørring

Cottages 2022WinterseasonLowseason Mittelseason HighseasonWeek 29 + 31Week 30Endcleaning
Per Night Incluted max 4 persons and electricity (Type E 2 persons)1.10 - 31.3 1.4 - 24.5
1.9 - 30.9
25.5 - 18.6
13.8 - 31.8
19.6 - 15.7
6.8 - 12.8
16.7 - 22.7
30.6 - 5.8
23.7 - 29.7or do it yourself
Familycabin Type A - With shower and toilet- 93 107- 13213915362
Familycabin Type B - With shower and toilet 90 93 107 13213915362
Familycabin Type C - With shower and toilet - 93 107 13213915362
Familycabin Type D - With toilet 90 90 97 11812513248
Motelcabin Type E - With shower and toilet 83 83 93 10411112148
Campingcabin Type F + 69 76 869310434
If you book only one day + extra fee141414141414
Ekstra persons (5. person in cabin A.B.C.D.F)14141414141414
Dog (not allowed in all cottages)101010101010
WiFiFree* Free* Free* Free* Free* Free*
Winter only if you book before arrival
Offer cabins from Sunday - FridayWinterseasonLowseason Mittelseason Endcleaning
5 days = Pay for 4 days1.10 - 31.31. 4 - 24.5
1.9 - 30.9
25.5 - 18.6
12.8 - 31.8
or do it yourself
Familycabin type A - With shower and toilet-37543062
Familycabin type B - With shower and toilet36137543062
Familycabin type C - With shower and toilet-37543062
Familycabin type D - With toilet36136138848
Motelcabin type E - With shower and toilet33333337548
Campingcabin type F-22730534
Extra person 5 days (not possible in type E)69696969
Dog 5 days (Not allowed in all cabins)52525252
Cabin one week / 7 days 2022Winterseason Lowseason Mittelseason HighseasonWeek 29+31Week 30Endcleaning
up to 4 people (Type E only 2 people)1.10 - 31.31.4 - 24.4
1.9 - 30.9
25.5 - 18.6
6.8 - 12.8
19.6 - 15.7
6.8 - 12.8
16.67- 22.7
30.7 - 5.8
23.7 - 29.7or do it yourself
Familycabin type A - With shower and toilet - 562 645 923972106962
Familycabin type B - With shower and toilet 541 562 645 923972106962
Familycabin type C - With shower and toilet + 562 645 923972106962
Familycabin type D - With toilet 514 541 583 82687592348
Motelcabin type E - With shower and toilet 500 500 541 72977785048
Campingcabin type F + 416 458 60765972934
Ekstra person (Not possible in Type E)979797979797
Dog 1 week (not allowed in all cabins)737373737373
Winter only if you booke before arrival

Ekstra Stay:

We can offer early arrival (before 15:00) or late departure (after 11:00) for DKK 50 per hour. If you wish to extend your stay you can (if the cabin is available) choose to extend your stay. We can only inform about the vacancy of the day, as the cabin can be rented out again, the same day.

Information about booking, conditions and payment

Conditions and additional information

Offer prices are incl. electricity and accommodation for max 4 people (Motel cabin and 2 person room incl 2 people). The offers cannot be combined with other offers and discounts. When ordering cabins, rooms and rental tents, half is payable on booking and the balance on arrival. For single day bookings, the full amount is payable upon booking.


Arrival time for all cabins, tents and rooms is from 10am. 15:00 and departure time before. 11.00 (rooms before 12.00)

Use of facilities

Cottages without bath and toilet, free use of shared service buildings with bath and toilets.


Visitors: (visit up to 5 hours) Guests must pay 15, – to visit the space and 35, – to use swimming pools. Guests must leave before 11:00. 22.30. Overnight guests must pay the overnight fee.

A valid ID must be presented on arrival.

Arrival and Departure

Arrival – Arrival time at 15: 00-22: 00 (23:00) Winter as agreed upon booking.

Departure – Cabins must be left in a clean condition no later than 2 p.m. 11.00. Final cleaning can be ordered no later than the day before departure. If the cabin is not clean after checking on departure, final cleaning is added.

Late Arrival – Arrival after 7 p.m. 20:00, please notify by mail or phone

Cancellation – cancellation – change of booking

Cancellation – If canceled please notify us in writing by email – If you wish to cancel, please do so as soon as possible. If canceled more than 30 days before arrival, the full package price will be reimbursed, however, DKK 700.00 will be deducted from the cancellation fee. If canceled between 30 days and 14 days before arrival, 50% of the price of the stay will be reimbursed, but not the cancellation fee of DKK 700.00. If canceled up to 14 days before date of arrival, no refund will be given. Cancellation less than 48 hours prior to scheduled arrival must pay the full rent.

If the deposit is not paid on time, we reserve the right to cancel the booking.

In some cases, we allow moving rental units to another number of the same type.

Duvets – pillows – bed linen

There are duvets and pillows in the cabins / rooms. Bed linen must be brought in yourself or it can be rented in the information.

There are no duvets and pillows in our rental tents, this must be brought with you.


Cleaning – Cabins must be cleaned before departure of bearings. Final cleaning can be ordered no later than the day before departure. Family cabin Kr. 350, – / 450, – Camping cabin 250, – Family tent 300, – Transit rooms are final cleaning included. We assume no responsibility for forgotten personal items.


When booking, half the amount is payable on booking and the other half on arrival. For a single day booking, the full amount is payable.


At Tornby Strand Camping you have free Wi-FI. However, as a guest you have to reckon with the fact that the wireless network does not always work 100% optimally. There are many things that affect the quality.

At a campsite, WiFi is not like at home. The signal is sent out to many devices at the same time and over a large area. When the wireless signal has to pass through caravans, buildings, shrubs and trees and more, the connection is weakened. When there is rain, the fog must signal through water and this also makes the signal worse.

As a guest, you will often find that the signal works outside the caravan but not inside. This is due to the fact that the signals are significantly weakened when it has to go through the caravan – the same applies to cars that also “shadow” the signal. As a rule, there is a much better signal outside the caravan.

If your phone and computer are not always fully up to date, this may cause problems with the reception of the WiFi signal. In addition, there is a difference from device to device. Some computers have firewalls that go in and block a public Wi-Fi signal.

There are rules for how strong a signal we may send out. We can not just turn up the power of our Wi-fi, as you as a company are not allowed to send signals beyond your own area.

As there are many factors that come into play, you will find that the signal will vary throughout the day